Dear friend!


You are young and healthy, happy and active. You learn in school, attend sections. Meet with your friends, play sports. You think you're happy and all is well in the world. Look around and answer the question if in a perfect world you live? 


The first thing that you will see coming out of the entrance - are containers for separate waste collection. Whether  you  are using them? If not - it's time to start. And explain to your parents, friends and acquaintances, that it is a good decision! The second you'll see - it's a homeless kitten or puppy sitting next to a container with eyes full of entreaty: "People do not pass by, I was thrown out by a man!". Feed him and he will be grateful to you.


Before you take home a pet - think - if you are able to take care of him, do you have enough time, patience and love. And if your parents will take a new family member? If pet care do not lie on their shoulders?

Next you will see sticking out of the snow stumps. But there were birches, maples, mountain ashes. They have been just someone annoyed: obscured light, rustled leaves or interrupted parking. And what about the health benefits they brought and how pleased the eye - no one thought. And that's just near your door. But that is the same in every yard, every street.


People think that they are gods. That nature is created for them and it can be treated as it is profitable for a man. But nature is alive! And it depends on us, what the world will be.


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