Ethical living


Ethical living — a way of life without harm (or with minimal damage) for animals and environment.


First of all, this is a rejection of animal flesh consumption (vegetarianism) or all animal products (veganism), refusal to wear natural furs, rejection of cultural events, in which exploitation of animals takes place, the use of cosmetics, perfumes, detergents, not tested on animals, preventive health care to minimize the use of medicines (because their production is related to animal testing).


Ethical living also involves eco-friendly lifestyle, which includes the following aspects:


  • A person who cares about the environment less travels by private car, replacing it with a bicycle or public transport. After all, we know that the exhaust gases pollute the air and saturate it with greenhouse gases that lead to global climate change.

  • Sorts rubbish and throws it into containers for separate waste collection (sorted trash is recycled into secondary raw material, which is used again).

  • Saves energy (as we understand that the production of electricity is most often associated with harm to nature).

  • Saves paper (because its production is associated with the cutting of trees).

  • Tries to buy organic products (production of which is not related to environmental damage).

  • Prefers reusable disposable items (for example, it refers to dishes, packages, bags, etc.) to produce as little waste as it is possible.

  • Saves water, because awares, that fresh water resourses are shrinking.

  • Buys as little as possible of unnecessary things (because their production is spent raw materials and energy resources, and in getting rid of these things there are more rubbish).

  • Buys products containing minimal package (since thrown away package is turning automatically in the trash ).

  • Votes purse (ie support "eco-friendly" manufacturers and boycotts "environmentally unfriendly").


Ethical living - a way of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, when in an effort to achieve their own goals a person takes into account the interests of all living beings, takes care of the habitat of living organisms. And what have you done to save our home from destruction? You have already made an ethical way of life?