The campaign "Animals are not clothes" 2015 was carried out in Minsk

On October 18 in the framework of international campaign for fur-bearing animals protection an informational and educational event "Animals are not clothes" took place in Minsk.
























During the event a presentation devoted to animal use in fur industry was shown. The presenter spoke about its history, law and modern tendencies in fashion.
























The second part of this important event was devoted to rewarding the winners and participants of the contest of creative works "Animals are not clothes". They got the prizes from the company Yves Rocher (France), diplomas, presents and gratitude from the Center for the Ethical Attitude Towards Nature and editors of the magazine "Animal World".























People, who attended this event had a chance to taste very delicious vegan dishes from the shop Vegetus.by
























The most active participants who are vegans shared their experience and offered to discuss very interesting reports with the topic: "My lifestyle as a reflection of my ethical choice".























We would like to express our special gratitude to all volunteers, without who this wonderful and unforgettable event would have never taken place!


A detailed photoreport of event 


The author: Ludmila Loginovskaya