The opposing team has done the emphasis on the fact that animals can not be the subjects of law, as they are not responsible for their own actions and are not able to act as a plaintiff or victim in court.


Summing up the debate, the Judge Ludmila Loginovskaya (representative of the Center for the Ethical Attitude Towards Nature) and Tatiana Buraya (head of the club VegaMara), summarizing the performance of the teams, drew attention to the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, the adoption of which would testify to the spiritual progress of modern society.


The judges have also proposed a thesis that a right belongs to the one who uses it, not to the one who can say about it (for example, babies, people with disabilities and people with mental development features have rights, but they alone can not claim the rights in court), and that the existence of a right does not always presuppose the existence of duties (the above-mentioned categories of people have rights, but have no obligations). Similarly, in respect of animals - their rights in court may be uphold by the people who take responsibility for them (for the behavior of a pet the owner should be responsible).


Photos from the event