Every year painful experiments carry away more than 100 millions of our younger brothers lives. Animals are used to test new drugs for new scientific data, in industry and in education.


Question: Is it possible to influence positively on this issue?


The answer is simple: each of us can contribute to a significant reduction of animals used in experiments, if you listen to these tips:


  • Follow a healthy lifestyle and take care of your health. This is a natural disease prevention and eliminates the need to test the huge of new drugs on animals.

  • Acquire ethical goods (not tested on animals), for example, cosmetics, household chemicals, etc.. and refrain from unethical (still testing their products on our smaller brothers). Goods untested on animals, are marked on the packaging ("rabbit" or the word "vegan"). When buying such products, you will support ethical company, and "boycott" unethical.

  • Tell your friends, acquaintances and teachers, that nowadays there are humane alternatives to animal experiments in education, and they have long been successfully used in developed countries. In Belarus, humane alternatives are introduced in BSMU, ISEU and in three Grodno universities: GSU, Medical and Agricultural University.