440 parrots can be burned alive in Mozyr


According to the State Border Committee of Belarus, on February 9 on the road Glushkevichi - Myloshevichi Mozyr border guards seized more than 440 parrots - finches, wavy, lovebirds, cockatiels, rozellas. The driver did not have the documents on the "alive goods".


Perhaps the parrots were smuggled to Belarus contraband. This incident is being checked, birds are seized.

























In 2008, a similar case had been ended by burning of confiscated birds. It had been explained as the threat of avian influenza. "We decided not to risk. The birds were put to sleep, and then burned in a special oven. No more than a handful of ashes has been left of them, "- said the representative of the Veterinary Service of the Brest customs.


Following that precedent, the public is worried about the fate of the confiscated birds.


"By law, we could leave the parrots in quarantine for up to three days ... But the samples can be tested only in Minsk.Transport to Minsk, then expect the results -.. It will be a week," - said the veterinary expert.


Since last year, Belarus introduced criminal liability for cruel attitude to animals  and the law-enforcement authorities are entitled to draw up protocols on administrative offenses under Art. 15.45 of the Administrative Code.


According to the Belarusian legislation - live animals undergo customs clearance at an accelerated rate. This means that in the near future the animals must undergo mandatory veterinary checks. The admission of private veterinary clinics and institutions to this procedure  is excluded. In case of detection of any disease - the animals must be quarantined or can be destroyed even prior the trial.


The public and local community are asking to carry out the procedure of veterinary inspection carefully and to make sure that the birds are not a threat to the lives of people and other animals. Several activists are ready to provide volunteer assistance in feeding and care of the birds and are asking to give them that opportunity.


Also, volunteers are ready to take part in the future of the animals and for their part offer - to give the birds to the children's homes or other educational institutions, botanical gardens and so on.



Additional Information:


the operational information about the situation:

Velcom: + 375 29 124 37 82 Anastasia Dorofeeva (Belarusian Party "Greens");


Information on the appropriate wellfare of the birds (the NGO "APB BirdLife Belarus"):

City: +375 17 263-06-13

MTS: +375 29 223-06-13

Velcom: +375 29 101-68-87