Here you can find the video on the topic of ethical understanding of the relationship between man and animal, man and nature.

Doomed to 5 days of life


Director: Alexander Dulebo. 2006

In Belarus about 70,000 homeless cats and dogs are catched and killed annually. The film tells why this is happanning.



The Wolf Trail


Director: Igor Byshnev. 2007

Since ancient times, the wolf was considered a harmful species, which encouraged people to destroy it massively. In our time, scientists have shown that these intelligent and unusually beautiful animals play a very important role in nature. The film narrates about this.

Chernobyl Jungles


This film is made to show how nature survives after the Chernobyl disaster. Away from the oppression of a man, even in the condition of prohibitive radiation nature fragrants.


The Home


Directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand 2009

The film, banned in 36 countries around the world. Consists almost entirely of pictures of different places of the Earth from bird's-eye view. Voice-over tells about the ecological disaster that threatens the planet.



Humane Education in the CIS countries



A film about the recent positive changes in the number of natural science universities that have implemented humane alternatives to animal experiments.

Circus: Illusion of love



The film tells about the cruelty of modern circuses with animals, about the history of the circus and the international social movement for the liberation of animals.